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May 2021

Who have I become

Who have I become? when will I will not lose my sleepover nightmares which surround, sounds of screams meant to be sounding louder than the thunder but sound nothing more than a mere sob as I thrust my face into my pillows, wrapping it

Webshow Writeup

To @priyanshupainyuli , I don't have words right now to express the amount of respect and affection you hold in my heart since the very day I've seen you in "soulmates". And trust me when you tell @anshul14chauhan that your father


“Your Grace,”.Yes that’s how we all deserve to be called out by one another.The love,the respect,the politeness and the poetic charm,it’s all just so worth watching this show for.The beauty of this show is in its direction.The way its

The Demise of a Drug-Addict

This is the story of a crackhead guyAsking for drugs from anyone who passed by. Snorting drugs was his daily routineHe did it till nothing could be seen Heroine, crack and Indian hayWere all he did to get through the day He knew