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July 2021

Journal Papers (July 2021)

KIIT School of Applied Sciences 1. Patel, B. K. and Behera, N. (2021), On a Generalization of Incomplete Fibonacci Quaternions, Journal of the Indian Math. Soc., Vol. 88, No. 3-4, pp. 346-354, DOI: 10.18311/jims/2021/25549.

Research Project Grants (July 2021)

KIIT School of Electrical Engineering Title of the sanctioned Project: Thermal Screening door with face recognition and tracking Name of the investigators: Dr. Chitralekha Jena, Dr. Pampa Sinha, Sri Ramana Joga and Ms. Raj Laxmi

Book Chapters (July 2021)

KIIT School of Biotechnology 1. Didier, M., ,Dey G., Guibert B., Temple, H. (2021), Overview of the legislation regarding traceability and authenticity of foods of plant origin in EU, USA, Canada, Australia-New Zealand in Authenticity