KiiT International School Peace March for Climate Justice

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KiiT International School students joined the Fridays for Future initiative for climate justice as they proceeded on a silent rally this morning. The spearhead behind these activities are the students of the International Baccalaureate, as part of their Creativity Action Service (CAS) in consonance with FFF. Students designed placards with slogans for climate justice. Interestingly, all the placards were done on waste paper, highlighting the fact that change must start with us, and the ever so often ignored minute details lead to better and more sustainable life style choices.

Inspired by climate activist and youth icon, Greta Thunberg, who has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, the students feel that the world must now move from debating climate awareness to climate justice for their generation. Only discussing the possible consequences of climate change is passé. They feel that climate change is no longer a matter of debate. It is a fact, and unless drastic steps are taken both at the micro level and the macro level, it will lead to a climate emergency and unimaginable devastation. Sporadic, knee jerk measures will no longer help. Politics must acknowledge that the fairy tale of eternal economic development is a fairy tale indeed. It is a myth that will destroy life and eventually the planet. The older generation, particularly the powers that be, must recognize and take responsibility for the youth and the generations to follow. They have to keep their promise of a healthier, happier and more balanced world for their children.

The students of KiiT International School marched from KiiT International School Campus 9 to Magnet Square and on their way back walked through the different schools of KIIT Deemed to be University. Faculty members and administrative staff, joined the students in this silent march. The school had taken all the requisite permissions from the Government authorities to facilitate the march without disrupting traffic and office goers.

A wonderful initiative by the students of the school as they braved the humid weather and walked for a six kilometer stretch with discipline and decorum. The peace march was flagged off by the Principal, Dr. Sanjay Suar and Dr. Anita George, IBDPC. Mrs. Nandita Mishra, Head of International Curriculum joined the students in the peace march and shared her views on the effort. Mr. Kartick Sahoo, CAS Coordinator guided the students and ensured that it was conducted in the right spirit. Dr. Mona Lisa Bal, Chairperson of the School encouraged the students and faculty lauding their efforts for a meaningful cause.