KISS DU organizes National Seminar on Water Resources in Tribal Areas: “Issues and concerns”

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National Seminar on “Water Resources in Tribal Areas: Issues and Concerns” is being organized by Department of Indigenous Knowledge, Science & Technology, School of Natural Science and Tribal Technology, KISS Deemed to be University in association with NALCO, Bhubaneswar at Conference Hall  of KISS DU on 30th and 31st August, 2019.

At the outset of the Inaugural Session,  placing the  Welcome Speech, Prof. Harekrishna Satapathy, VC, KISS DU emphasized on  Water Management, its Purification, Scarcity and Harvesting. He cautioned that only after 20 to 30 years, the mankind may face acute water scarcity. We should find out a viable solution to prevent ourselves from the menace of the issue.

Gracing the Seminar, Chief Guest Dr. Sasadhar Samal a Scientist of eminence said that, water sources are on the brink of extinction and nobody bothers about proper water management. Such tendency of human being  is prevalent due to rampant Material Consumption which is rising  in geometric proportion. While Disorderliness is a global phenomenon, to bring the earth into order, it requires tremendous magnitude of  energy. “we have to back to nature and curtail consumerism. Besides, if the human society will not upgrade its wisdom, then the mother earth will sneak into jeopardy”, he added.

Dr. Pramod Kumar Panda, Principal Scientist, ICAR and Indian Institute of Water Management said that water is that substance which is rapidly exhausting day to day. Tribal Eco-System is invariably missing. Actually, Water Management System in tribal areas has not been dealt properly. We should think about the challenges we face and the opportunities we have. The rate at which water is being consumed, by 2050 we will be facing the scarcity of 324 billion cubic meter of water. From now onwards, we have to be careful, conscious and aware about the conservation of water resources. The most concerning issue however is depletion of ground water. If such trend continues, then there will be only deserts instead of flora and fauna  in coming years, cautioned Dr. Panda.

Guest of Honor, Dr. Sachikanta Kar, Director, CTTC, Bhubaneswar said that it is important that how we use, re-use and make best use of water as well as prevent misuse of it for the sustainability of the society. For an effective water management, sensitization is must. However it is seen that lack of technological intervention, water get wasted lavishly. He cited that water becomes scarce day to day due to urbanization, rapid population growth and industrialization. The water management system is a global concern. It has to be assumed as a prime responsibility. The tribal people should be involved in this process, but due to lack of awareness among them, it usually does not happen.

Prof. Nihar Ranjan Patnaik, Pro-VC, KISS DU said that unless and until there is an efficient and effective water management, we would not be able to address the scarcity. Somewhere or other,  we are lacking appropriate water management system. So it is the question of managing water rightly which needs carrying out mass awareness campaigns.

Among others, the ‘Canal Man of Odihsa’- Padmashree Daitary Naik, Sri R. N. Dash, Secretary, KIIT and KISS were present and spoke on the occasion. Dr. Prashnta Kumar Routray, CEO, KISS proposed Vote of Thanks.