Mnemonic tradition nurtured in KiiT International School Vedic Memory Lab

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KiiT International School reached out to the student community in Bhubaneswar by offering a unique training program for students to enrich their quiescent memory power through its Vedic Memory Lab initiative on 24th and 25th August, 2019. The event was a culmination of the memory techniques that are designed to enhance learning and development in students in order to ensure that the process of education is stress free, focussed and joyful at the Vedic Memory Lab at KiiT International School. The Guest of Honour was eminent entrepreneur and director, Narayana Group of Institutions, Ms. Ponguru Sharani.  Ms. Sharani Ponguru was amazed to see the power of memory demonstrated by the children and offered words of appreciation and encouragement to the children in her address.

More than 150 students invited from across 20 schools participated in the workshop. They were trained by a team of facilitators, spearheaded by Shri Virendra Mehta. The Vedic Memory Lab is an initiative by Sree Marg Trust, whose Chief Facilitator is His Holiness, Shri Dibyanandji Giri. Mr. Virendra Mehta is his protégé and holds the World Record for successfully memorizing the Oxford Dictionary. Chairperson of KiiT International School, Dr. Mona Lisa Bal in her address encouraged the students and Principal, Dr. Sanjay Suar administered the oath to the students in order to instill a spirit of integrity and involvement among the students as he thanked the august gathering. Cheers to new learning experiences and mnemonic traditions in KiiT-IS!!