KIMS Doctor Presents Paper at Prestigious International Forum ‘FIGO’


Dr. G. Prasanna, MS OBGY, DNB, FICOG, FMIS, Asst. Professor, KIMS presented a paper entitled “Uterovginal Prolapse with Large Ovarian Cyst in a Young Woman – Management with Ovarian Cystectomy and Abdominal Sacrocolpopexy: A Rare Case Presentation” at a prestigious international forum ‘FIGO’ held from 21st to 28th October 2021.

Theme: AB 7 Urogynaecology; Sub-theme: AB 7.2 Genital prolapsed – management and surgery.

Objectives: UV prolapse in the young age group after the delivery occurs to a minor degree, but the major degree UV prolapse suggests an inherent collagen deficiency.

Case Report: A 22-year old woman with low BMI – 16.33, P1L1, delivered normally 2.5 years back. Observed mass per vaginum after delivery, gradually increased and attained the present status. Ultrasonography showed a large ovarian cyst of benign variety. On examination, a 22 wks mass per abdomen with POP Q stage 3 UV prolapse.

The planned surgery was laparotomy decided after the proper work in relation to mass and prolapsed. Intraoperative findings: a 15 x 15 cm thick walled ovarian cyst with 2.5 turns twisted. The same was removed by complete cystectomy. The uterosacral ligaments were thinned out and stretched. A macro porous prolene mesh made into L shape, the horizontal part was encircled around the cervix, inserted medial to uterine artery, the cervical length adjusted, then the other end fixed to the sacral promontory using non absorbable sutures. Mesh was peritonised. The intraoperative blood loss is minimal. Patient withstood the procedure well.

Results: The histology report came as serous cystadenoma. Patient discharged on day 5. The cervix by per speculum, located at the exact anatomical place and appeared healthy.

Conclusion: Management of postnatal UV prolapse in younger age women with low BMI. The best treatment option is abdominal sacrocervicopexy using a prolene mesh with a special technique which is used in this case.