Counseling Series on “Hope in Times of COVID” at KIIT School of Law


In view of the current pandemic situation and the need for compliance with the laid down protocols to ensure safety, a Counseling Series has been initiated by the KIIT Counseling Cell on the theme “Hope in Times of Covid,” covering the teaching and non teaching staff of each School and their family members.

A counseling session under the series was organized for KIIT School of Law on 15th May 2021. Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Sucheta Priyabadini, Director, Student Counseling stated that the counseling series is being organized at the initiative of Dr. Achyuta Samanta, Founder, KIIT & KISS to counsel the staff members and their families due to the situation arising out of the COVID-19 pandemic. In order to address the concerns of the participants on the clinical side, she had specially invited Dr. Lalita Patnaik, In-charge PG Council, KIMS; and Dr. Pranab Mohapatra, Dept. of Psychiatry, KIMS. Other members of the Counseling Committee, Ms. Sadhana Mishra, Ms. Rajalaxmi Panda, Dr. Kajal Parashar and Ms. Linkan Subuddhi were also present.

Introducing the subject, Dr. Priyabadini spoke about the critical state of the pandemic and the need to stay safe taking appropriate precautionary measures. She apprised the participants of the unprecedented humanitarian measures announced by the Founder of providing financial assistance of Rs. 5 lakh to the family of the deceased due to Corona and also giving suitable employment in KIIT, KISS or KIMS to one of the eligible family members based on their educational qualification. She also made the participants aware of the other committees constituted by the Founder for facilitating staff and their family members who are affected by COVID-19.

Dr. Lalita provided extremely useful inputs and guidance in dealing with the pandemic. She dwelt on the specifics of the second wave of COVID-19 and the measures to be taken to remain safe and healthy.  She emphasized the importance of proper nutrition and maintaining appropriate hydration levels. She spoke on the protocols to be followed in case of home isolation, balanced and immunity booster diet, vaccination, etc. She patiently and exhaustively addressed the concerns of the participants.

Dr. Pranab Kumar Mohapatra apprised about the positive ways of doing things. He exhorted the participants to follow the guidelines, namely, staying at home, wearing masks, sanitizing hands and practicing social distancing. He advised the participants to follow their passion and to remain engaged with their family members.

Prof. Bhavani Prasad Panda, Director School of Law, sharing his daily routine, said that he reads Bhagavad Gita, connects with old friends, does household chores while following the guidelines on COVID-19. Ms. Rajalaxmi Panda spoke on the need for self motivation and a more positive outlook. Ms. Subuddhi gave importance to the need for undertaking tests in case of symptoms.

Ms. Sadhana Mishra shared her experience on the community service being done by the transgender community in pandemic times. Professor Amar Kumar Mohanty of School of Law expressed satisfaction at the outcome of the session as it provided an avenue for stress relief. The meeting was coordinated by Dr. Binita Behera, Faculty-In-charge of Counselling in KIIT School of Law. Prof Kajal Parashar, Dy Director, Community Engagement Cell concluded the session with a vote of thanks.